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Great CrossingsCongratulations to recent Carolina PhD Christina Snyder (PhD 2007) on winning this year’s Francis Parkman Prize, bestowed by the American Society of Historians on “a nonfiction work of history on an American theme published the previous year that is distinguished by its literary merit.”

The prize committee praised Snyder’s book, Great Crossings: Indians, Settlers, and Slaves in the Age of Jackson (Oxford, 2017), as a beautifully written narrative of the complex encounters between Native Americans, African-Americans, and Anglo-Americans, particularly through the Choctaw Academy in the Kentucky borderlands. The book brings “an intriguing cast of characters to life: the Indian-killer turned educator and politician Richard Mentor Johnson, founder of the school; Johnson’s enslaved wife and daughters, Julia, Imogene, and Adaline Chinn; dozens of brilliant and sometimes resistant Native students—Peter Pitchlynn, Joel Barrow, and Wash Trahern among them—whose lives were irrevocably changed by their years at the academy.” Great Crossings “makes new and important arguments through a gripping story, brilliantly told.” Snyder is the McCabe Greer Professor of History at Pennsylvania State University.

Our current graduate students are already well on their way to such accomplishments. If you thought that the list of undergraduate awards was lengthy, then settle in and grab a cuppa before you click on this link to all the fellowships and prizes won by our graduate students this year.

Graduate School Summer Research Fellowship
Caroline Newhall

Royster Dissertation Completion Fellowship
Dakota Irvin

Graduate School Dissertation Completion Fellowship
Robert Colby

Druscilla French Graduate Fellowship
Kirsten Cooper

Thomas S. Kenan II Graduate Fellowship
Aubrey Lauersdorf

Graduate School Off-Campus Dissertation Research Fellowship
Daniel Velasquez and Lindsay Ayling

Quinn Dissertation Completion Fellowship
Lorn Hillaker and Daniele Lauro

Association for Jewish studies Dissertation Completion Fellowship
Allison Somogyi

National Humanities Center Triangle University Internship Program
Garrett Wright

Clein Internship Awards
Laurie Medford, Nurlan Kabdylkhak, Joel Hebert, Emma Rothberg

Fulbright-Hays Fellowship
Alyssa Skarbek and Daniela Weiner (who also won a DAAD Fellowship and a German Historical Institute Washington DC Doctoral Fellowship)

Maynard Adams Fellowship for the Public Humanities
Mary Elizabeth Walters (who also won a Pre-Doctoral Fellowship at the Clements Center for National Security at the U of Texas)

Archie K. Davis Summer Research Fellowship
Laurie Medford

2017 Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies (ASEEES)
Louis Porter (who also won the Graduate Student Essay Prize)

Kathryn Davis Fellowship for Peace
Samee Siddiqui (to study Japanese at Middlebury College)

Dean’s Graduate Fellowship
Mark Reeves

Peter Filene Teaching Award
Gabe Moss (who also won a position as Research Associate of the US Committee for the Blue Shield)

TA Teaching Award
Larissa Stiglich and Daniel Morgan

Archie Davis Fellowship
Isabell Moore

SOHP Jacquelyn Dowd Hall Summer Graduate Research Fellowship
Joshua Sipe

SOHP Field Scholars
Jennifer Standish and Carol Prince

CSAS Summer Research Grant
Lucas Kelley (who also won a Tennessee Historical Society’s Wills Research Fellowship)

Mellon-CES Dissertation Completion Fellowship
Erika Huckestein

CSAS Summer Research Grant
Eric Becerra, Lucas Kelley, and Caroline Newhall (who also won a CSAS McColl Dissertation Year Fellowship)

Americas Research Network Research Fellowship
Jose Manuel Moreno Vega

Federal Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship
Rachel Cochran, Maya Little, Matthew Gibson, Ryan Branagan, Arianne Ekinci, Mira Markham, Luke Jeske, Morgan Wilson, Kevin Hoper, and Kenneth Negy

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