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Griffin Creech

Griffin Creech ’16 won the 2016 Raymond J. Cunningham Prize awarded by the American Historical Association for the best article published in a history department journal in the academic year 2015-2016 written by an undergraduate student. His article, “‘Our Revolutionary Cadres Are Always Beside the Masses’: Reconsidering the Role of Khmer Rouge Cadres in Democratic Kampuchea,” appeared in Traces: The UNC-Chapel Hill Journal of History (Spring 2016). The essay had its origins in a paper Creech wrote for an undergraduate seminar on the long 1968 viewed in a global perspective taught by Donald Reid. Creech joins two other UNC-CH graduates who have received the Raymond J. Cunningham Prize for articles published in Traces: The UNC-Chapel Hill Journal of History: T. Fielder Valone ’11 (2012) and Michael Welker ’14 (2015).

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